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Sixpence Jewelry has specialized in creating custom glass pendants for museum collections, historic institutions and cultural sites since 2006


Concentrating on the specific highlights and iconic motifs within a collection, I develop product lines which capture the artistic detail, design and integrity of the original subject while adapting it to uniquely innovative pieces.


Each glass pendant is meticulously handcrafted from conception to completion in my studio located in downtown Manhattan.


Various lines include:

·         MTA- Original Subway Mosaics

·         Historic Stained Glass Windows

·         Ancient Tarot

·         Actors, Writers, Poets, Artists

·         Vintage Anatomical, Insect, Botanical Illustrations 

·         Hevelius’ Constellation Map

·         Vintage Children’s Book Illustrations 

·         Alchemical and Mystical Images

·         Antique Insect Prints

·         …More Coming Soon

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